Yes We Can Healthcare Group wants the very best for its clients (fellows), during their treatment programme in one of our clinics as well as long afterwards. Unfortunately, some of the fellows cannot return home after being treated for psychological problems, addictions and/or behavioural problems. Because their home situation is unsuitable for long-term recovery, the safety of the fellow is in danger or other such reasons. Instead of going home, these fellows will live at one of our Zero&Sano safehouses located across The Netherlands until they are strong enough to stay in recovery while taking the next step towards independence.

Zero&Sano is more than a safe place to livesafehouse. Besides housing in one of our safe, drug and alcohol-free locations, people in recovery can count on personal guidance and coaching from professionals who care and understand. We support our fellows to become full members of society, in every aspect of life – from healthy eating habits, exercise, school/work, social activities and of course relapse prevention.

The result? 70% of our fellows successfully finish the programme and 85% of them are still abstinent after a year.

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For more information about Zero&Sano, please visit the website (in Dutch only), fill in our contact form or call us at +31 (0)85 02 01 222

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