Hawking Healthcare Technology

Hawking Healthcare Technology develops software for the mental health, youth and disability care sectors, health insurers and governments around the world. Our applications are designed to make therapy more efficient, exceptionally insightful and fully transparent. We achieve this through modern user interface design, digital intelligence and the use of intuitive applications. Among other things, these tools provide insight into the safety and effectiveness of a wide variety of treatment programmes and enable you to make complex analyses in a user-friendly way and easily put them into practice. 

Based on the data generated by our applications, optimising existing treatments becomes easier and more result oriented. The combination of data and smart technology (artificial intelligence) enables healthcare providers to develop hyper-personalised treatments and even predictions for their clients. 

In addition, the real-time and real-world dashboards provide insurers and government with full transparency on treatment effectiveness. This allows for smarter procurement, which can significantly reduce healthcare costs.  

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