Yes We Can Healthcare Group

The world’s leading mental healthcare family

Our mission

Mental healthcare comes in many forms. The best care for some, may not work for others. That’s why we are convinced that high-performing professional organisations should join forces. Alone we can achieve a lot, but together we can do almost everything. That is why we have united in one family: the Yes We Can Healthcare Group. 

Each organisation within our family is distinctive in its own values and approach, but our more than 600 healthcare professionals are all working towards the same goal: to provide tens of thousands of families around the world with the most effective and efficient mental healthcare.

With outpatient and inpatient treatment, safehouses and innovative healthcare technology, we serve everyone: from young to old, from individual to family, from prevention to aftercare. We hold hands and we won’t let go until they are doing well, so together we can say: Yes We Can!

Our family members

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